Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Here Toothy Toothy

Today marks the last working day of the week for me.  Under usual circumstances I would be excited and happy due in part to the short work week; however, this time it's because I have to have "minor surgery" done.  Now, I feel bad even using the word surgery in the same sentence with what I'm having done because it simply doesn't feel right to me.  When I think of surgery I think of knee surgery, heart surgery, organ replacement.  Instead of those "manly" things, I'm going to have two wisdom teeth taken out.  That's right, I'm 27 and I'm just now having my wisdom teeth taken out.

Some people never have problems with their wisdom teeth and then again, some have problems early on and have to have them removed at a young age.  Well obviously I didn't have problems with them at a young age but here I am.  So the date has been set, and the time has been secured.  Tomorrow morning @ 8:30 am  these two babies are coming out one way or another.  All I can hope for now, is a speedy recovery...and LOTS of pain meds.

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