Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Productive Weekend: i think

This weekend was a beast.  It seems like I didn't have one moment to relax and rebuild myself from the previous week.  I just had a ton of things that I needed to get done and I stupidly tried to cram about 3 weeks worth of work into three days.  YAY for me right?

I knew that it was going to be very busy but I had no idea to what extent.  Friday night when I got off work, I went home and ate dinner with my wife.  After dinner, I went outside and started working on the lawn mower.  It hadn't been started or moved since last summer so I was worried that it wouldn't even crank.  Fortunately it did crank right up with no trouble.  There was a flat tire on it, so I went ahead and pumped it up with the air compressor that we have.  By this time it was getting dark so I called it a night with the plan that I would come back in the morning and begin cutting my mother's yard.  I woke up about 7am on Saturday and made some coffee and sat at the table for about 30 minutes just waking up.  When I got back to to mower, the tire was flat again.  This should have been a sign of things to come.  I pumped it up quickly and filled the fuel tank up and started cutting the yard.  I made good time with the yard especially since it was the first cut of the year.  On the way back to the building to put the mower up I hear a snap and I see shredded rubber flying everywhere.  I turn it off and realize that at least one of the belts has been destroyed.  It was about 10:30 and I was supposed to be on the road heading to Columbia by 11.  Needless to say, the mower got put up without being fixed.

I rushed through a shower and getting dressed and got on the road by 11:15.  We literally fly down the road to Columbia for a birthday party for one of our good friends children.  It was Savannah's 1st birthday party.  We arrived around 12:40 and had a blast at the party.  We hated to leave so soon but there were things that needed to be done so we left about 4 in order to make it to Lowes to get the replacement parts for the mower.

We literally pulled into the drive way at 6pm.  I ran in the house and changed cloths and proceeded to start working on the mower.  It was at this point that I realized how HORRIBLY PLANNED out these belts, pulleys, and tension rods are placed on all these mowers.  Did you know that you have to be have at least 25 fingers, 6 hands, arms that can bend in no less than 7 places, and be able to suspend your entire body off the ground by 4 inches so that you can reach all the places you need to?  Yeah, me either.  I fought with the thing until 9pm.  Just in case you didn't know, 9pm it is dark outside.  So I was working with a flash light to finish this thing.  Speaking of working around something let's discuss how Poulan's website doesn't even recognize their own Serial Number in order for me to find the belt diagram.  I think it's crappy, no wait...shitty that they print a nice label with all the spare part numbers and the tractor serial numbers and place it right on the back of the seat but apparently you can't find any information on the mower using the numbers, A+ effort guys.  I realize that the tractor is over 12 years old but I couldn't find anything in the "Archived" section.  So apparently they are betting that the mower wont last longer that 5 years and if it does...it'll be in the "archived" section.

I finally finished the mower about 9:30 and went and passed out.  Woke up late on Sunday, and Julie cooked lunch for my mother and I.  It was fantastic.  After lunch, she and I along with 5 others went to the range to do some shooting.  The place was packed beyond belief.  We didn't even get on the range until ten till 4.  Spent one hour shooting my XD, my brother's .40, and .38.  Julie shot every single weapon that we had brought and she did well.  She got 4 shots in the 10 ring.  That might not sound that great, but for a girl that hasn't shot a gun in over 8 years and has Carpal Tunnel in her wrists...so it was a nice accomplishment.  I was proud of her.  I'm hoping that we get to spend some more time at the range soon.  I'm planning on attending the class soon for my CWP.

So that was my weekend.  Busy busy busy and frustrating up until the end.

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  1. By the way...He forgot to mention that throughout this whole process his wife (me) was by his side doing whatever he needed me too.