Thursday, May 27, 2010

Not Mine.....PLEASE

So about three weeks ago my Xbox Elite crapped out on me.  It was the second night of the Halo: Reach beta and my 360 blinked and the graphics looked like an old Sega.  I turned the box off and hit the button and then the infamous RRoD (red ring of death).  The RRoD on the Xbox is similar to the BSOD (blue screen of death) on a computer; except you can sometimes recover from a BSOD without any outside help.  I quickly start flipping out and frantically turn the device on and off again about 300 times because clearly this is just a mistake and it's not supposed to be happening to me.  All I get on the screen is "E 74" as the error code and about 12 languages.  I go to the xbox support site and check my warranty, of course it's out of date; however, for the E 74 error they will replace it for free.  AWESOME!  I tell them to send me my box and shipping label and shutdown for the night.  The next morning I wake up to an email stating, " Due to economic situation outside of our control we no longer send out boxes.  Your shipping label will be sent to you via...".  GREAT!, now I have to wait for that and find a box.  Skip forward about 2 and a half weeks and I finally get notice that my console has been repaired and that it's being shipped to me.  At this point I should note that the status on the Xbox site showed them repairing it for three days.  That being said, apparently there is a transporter in Texas because it took the package 1 minute to travel from Texas to West Columbia...impressive I know.  I now have the system back and it appears to be working fine for the time being.

I have a question.  Why can't I walk into a local major retailer and return my busted Xbox that's covered under their special warranty and walk out with a new or refurb one?  There's no reason...  GRRR 3 weeks and I missed the beta.  Oh well could have been a lot worse.

Review of MS Xbox Replacement Plan

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