Wednesday, February 9, 2011


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If you haven't read my review of Yoono Desktop, I have been looking for a good all-in-one social media application to manage all my social media accounts.  I haven't had much luck finding "the perfect" application and in fact I'm not so sure that there even exists a so called perfect tool to manage all the social media madness.  But I have stumbled on some good software that does come extremely close.  One of those applications is TweetDeck.  You can go to their website and download their client for just about any operating system out there including the iPad and Andriod.  During my testing I checked it out on two Windows 7 laptops, one Windows XP desktop, and my iPod Touch.  I must through out an extremely important point I want to make first and foremost.  Throughout my testing on the various environments I was astonished that the user interface was strikingly similar across each platform.  This was a fantastic surprise when I fired it up on each of my machines.  This is a phenomenal idea that they actually  did their best to make the ui as close to being the same regardless of what platform you are using their software on.  More cross-platform developers should follow TweetDeck's lead.  It can be a major turn off when you use multiple devices, and who doesn't, to use an app and it takes up time to learn the different layouts on each device.  This is a point where TweetDeck wins some major points in my book.

This is not to say that TweetDeck does not have it's negatives.  One of the negatives that I found during my testing came when I first launched it after initial install.  When I launched the software I was bombarded with at least 4 popups.  Some of the offending popups where asking me to link different social media accounts or offering me a  tutorial around the software.

After closing the three or four windows and adding some of my social media accounts I was fairly pleased with the layout and the preselected feeds that were displayed.  I also found that it was extremely easy to navigate through the software.  The software does a nice job of staying out of the way of the user.  There aren't menus and buttons everywhere in your way.

The software allows you to choose which services you wish to post an update to and will automatically count down the text space left if limits apply.  You can past in links and automatically shorten them and can link to photobucket and yfrog.  Over all I will have to give this software a 8.0  simply because of the popups that bombard you at first start up and also there should be a simply logon to some service so you don't have to setup all your accounts on all your different devices.



TweetDeck now has a Google Chrome™ extension.  This might not be a major thing for some people but since I've just about moved completely over to Chrome as my browser this is a GREAT addition.  I tried it out and while the layout of the software is very different from the full-blown client, it didn't take me long to figure out where everything is and actually fall in love with the layout.  If you use Chrome and you use TweetDeck you should really give this a go.

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  1. I love TweetDeck. Another reason I love them is because they have an Android app too!