Thursday, March 10, 2011

News? Yeah, right!

The other night I caught myself doing something that I rarely do anymore...I was watching the news.  After watching this "news" channel for about 15-20 minutes I realized something that really hit me the wrong way.  What they were presenting was filled with viewer interaction and biased interpretations of local and national events.

I'll begin with the viewer interaction portion of my complaint.  It is nice to feel that a viewer can call in, text, or email the news crew and receive more information or further clarification.  However, those comments shouldn't BE the news.  For example, there was an entire segment called "What you're saying..." and all I could think about is, "Who cares?"  The comments on Facebook and on Twitter should not be used as a segment on the news as they are generally not factual nor unbiased and are full of opinion and therefore meaningless as news.  Furthermore, I feel that if, as a news program, you have to turn to your viewers to produce subjects and content then your organization should seriously look at hiring some better journalist.  That's not to say that there's not a time and place to use social media as a means to gather information.  Times of crisis or other hazards are good situations to use alternative means to gather information to report to the public but even then shouldn't be broadcast as fact without first being fully vetted.

The portion of my mini-rant is about the fact that ALL news channels are biased and inject personal opinion into the news now days if for no other reason than ratings.  I realize that these companies are run by huge corporate conglomerates that feel they have to squeeze a penny out of every second of "on air" time that they can but in my opinion the news should be factual and informative not a political war-ground or a profit making .  I honestly get sick of hearing about which side of the political aisle is "right" this week.

I personally feel that the news should be as factual and objective as possible so that the viewer can then draw their own conclusions about what they just saw or heard.  If the viewer wishes to hear other's opinions on the topic they can then go online to the article/story on the stations website and interact with other viewers.  This is not to pick on one particular news agency or station as it appears to prevalent on 98% of all news stations in my area.  Maybe I am completely wrong but that's how I feel about it and that's where I stand.

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