Monday, June 20, 2011

Falling Skies

Last night I watched the season premier of Falling Skies on TNT.  The show has a couple of actors who's past work I really like.  Noah Wyle I like from ER, Donnie Darko, A Few Good Mean, and Pirate of Silicon Valley. The other actor is Will Patton who appeared in Brooklyn's Finest, 24, Gone in Sixty Seconds, and The Punisher.  These are two really good actors in my opinion and to have them both in a Sci Fi television series is just a treat.

Going into the 2 hr premier I had already watching a "mini" review on Revision3's website but I had tried to not let their opinions get in the way of me making my own.  And for the most part I feel like I did an alright job of not letting what I had read or heard put a downer on my perception of the show.  One of my complaints about the 2hr limited interruption premier was that it seemed like every 5 minutes there was an interruption for a Falling Skies commercial.  I mean I'd much rather see the actual show than watch about a commercial about the show that I'm trying to watch.  That aside, I feel that the show does need a little bit of work however, I'm not writing it off just yet.  I think the show, like many others, will take more than one episode to win over the majority of viewers.  The show starts out at a running pace and you have to play catch-up throughout the beginning.  and the ending is typical cliffhanger.  I'm going to give this show a couple more episodes before I lay down my verdict.

I have/had really high expectations for this show and while the show hasn't completely let me down I'm more confused about the show than anything.  Over the next couple airing s of the show I should get a better idea for the show and I'll post my conclusions.

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