Tuesday, August 30, 2011

The Change Over

You might be thinking to yourself, "This isn't WordPress. And why am I being redirected to a blog being hosted on blogspot.com?"  Well first off, you are very observant.  This is NOT WordPress.  The reason you have been redirected here is very simple.  COST.  For as little as I posted and used the hosting I once had, it simply wasn't economical for me to continue paying a hosting/registrar fee for my domain.   For that reason I moved to this free hosting and am now simply paying for the domain on an annual basis.  This has cut my cost down to 1/100th what they were.  I no longer will feel bad about not posting on a more regular basis AND my domain is still under my control in case I choose to do something more productive with it at another time. 

I have a couple posts rolling around in my head, some of which have already begun being drafted so do not write me off.  Stay tuned.  

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