Monday, December 19, 2011

Sick Puppy

This weekend one of our fur children gave us a huge scare.  He basically got really sick and we were afraid he might have possibly had gotten into something he wasn't supposed to be in.  He became unresponsive and extremely lethargic (more so than normal).  We rushed him tot he Care Animal Hospital that is open after hours and on the weekends.  The vet originally say that they wanted to keep him for observation for a couple hours and we would probably be able to pick him back up around 7pm or 8pm that night.  We called about 7:30 and  was informed that they wanted to keep him over night for further observations and to keep him on the IV medicines and fluids.  This morning my wife went to pick up Milo and return him home where he belongs.  We missed him very much and even his "sister" missed him very much.  Sadie just acted lost without him in the house.  There are days that the two of them seem to pick at each other all the time but they really and truly love each other.  

It really is amazing just how attached everyone get's attached to their pets.  Lord knows we sure are attached to ours.    

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