Saturday, April 26, 2014


I've really been meaning to get back in to the habit of writing but every time I sit down to do so, I see something else that needs my attention and I never seem to get back around to writing.  It has been this way for almost a year.  I guess it is to be expected.  I DO have a 20 month old daughter, two dogs, a house, a new position at work and zero social life after all.  I know that many others have the same matters in their lives as I do and they seem to be able to shuffle their time more adequately than I do.  Oh well, I suppose it's a skill I have yet to master.

To be honest, the only reason I "had the time" to sit down to write this is because I have been awake since 4 AM. I'm sitting my couch right now with no a single light on in the house watching the sun peak through my neighbors trees.  I had forgotten just how gorgeous sunrises could be. It is helping me to remember the importance of slowing down in life and not rushing to the get to the finish line.

Well I think I see the next thing that needs my attention....the cup of coffee I am going to go pour........  

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